Alex_about_5Alexander Komissarov (aka AlexkaY) was born in Moscow, Russia in 1973. He started to play bass at the age of 13 and later performed in local hobbyist bands. In the middle nineties AlexkaY discovered the world of synths and acquired taste for electronica. Since then he keeps on composing and recording music in various genres, mostly of synthpop or pop-rock variety. At present AlexkaY lives and works in New Delhi, India.

Currently AlexkaY records Bygone Age LP and intends to release it by the end of 2016. LP title challenges the well-established New Age term. It may be argued that New Age describes the future that never was. Future which involved deep space manned missions, global progress, major scientific breakthroughs and other large scale events.

Since breaking news of the modern day spin around fancy gadgets releases and new tits implants of the idle celebrities we may announce demise of the classic New Age and proclaim it Bygone Age. In order to emphasize this fact Bygone Age LP will be arranged and produced in the so-called futuretro musical aesthetics.

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